St. George With The Barlocker Fam

At the end of May, after our Vegas trip, we drove to Southern Utah to meet my side of the family.

If you've ever been to St. George you know how unbelievably hot it is there.
It got even hotter when these sexy people showed up:

Oooooooh yeah.
It was just a short little trip to get everyone together to remind us how awesome we all most of us are. All of my brothers and sisters (yep, even Fegan) came.

What is there to do in Saint George besides people-watch all the polygamists? Not much that is legal.

Which is why my Dad and Brother, Matthew, brought their Razors down for everyone to play on.

Matthew is one of the better looking members of our family:

We hung at at some reservoir with a red sand beach.

Ryan fell face-down in the water and couldn't get up. Matthew's wife, Stephanie ran into the water and saved his life. It was scary and I think I owe her a plate of cookies or a gift card to Taco Bell.

Ryan LOVED playing with his cousins.

Ryan also LOVED punching my favorite brother, Jake, in the crotch.

 Our party of 20 destroyed every place we went to. Outback Steakhouse looked like a zoo while we were all there. A little hipster joint downtown needed a new coat of paint by the time we were done. 

My Dad's birthday was the week before so my Mom and I decided to throw him a suprise party at a park. I decided to do the "Pretty Pink Princess Party" theme. 

I adore my Dad and just knew in my heart that he would love it.

We got to the park a little early and decorated. 
I pictured it turning out a lot cuter than it actually did. 
It took on a "White Trash Extravaganza" vibe by the time we were done.


Whatever.... At least we had PARTY HATS!!!!!!! 

My Mom and Dad pulled up and watched us all run behind the trees to surprise him.

We ate Kentucky Fried Chicken (which went well with the white trash theme) and played some fun Mormon games.

Ryan had a freak out after my Dad blew our the candles on his b-day cupcakes.
Ryan thought once the candles were out, the birthday was gone.
Serious stuff.

My mom is the best mom/grandma ever.
Her with Jake's kids, Brooke and Laura.

Titty Monkey Tyler was very sad when we had to leave.

It was a fun little trip, and Fegan only got into a fight with 2 out of her 5 siblings that were there. That's a 60% success rate! Win!!!!


  1. You were at sand hollow reservoir and the hipster joint is called 25 main. Get your crap together so I don't have to be your blog fact checker.

    1. Hahahahaha! You make me laugh. I think your comments are the second reason I read this blog!

  2. Beautiful family! Traveling already with such a baby--Awesome! Congrats again on his arrival. ;)

  3. I did not mean to "wink." :)

  4. Whatever Val.... I liked the wink. ;)


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