Violent Cleaning

We've Been classin' it up here in Utah.

The house we bought here is surprisingly not a dump!!!!!!

I am giddy that my house is livable considering the two other houses we have bought have needed complete remodels. I've lived in a construction zone for the last 9 years of my life.
Whaahhhhhh! Feel bad for my middle class problems!!!!!

It is glorious that I don't have thin coats of drywall dust on everything I own.
I love that Jared doesn't spend all our money and every second of free time remodeling.
Plus, there is a detached garage in the backyard, so Jared can make huge DIY messes and I don't have to deal with it.

When we took possession of the house 2 months ago, I maniacally cleaned it for five days straight. I'm a little bit of psycho when it comes to cleaning and I wanted the home meticulously detailed before my family moved in and distributed our own filth.

I bought my new favorite cleaning tools:

I'm obsessed with these things. They were only $6. Better than a toothbrush, since they are stiff and strong and allow you to get violent.

I love an angry session of violent cleaning.

To clean: I get my ugly workout clothes on, put my greasy hair in a ponytail, and drink caffine until I'm foaming at the mouth. Then I stomp through the house leaving a sparkling cleanliness in my wake. It's beautiful. 

Clearly, I love a clean house.

I still miss California.

Random blog post, I know.


  1. Your house is so much cuter than I expected! I bet you had to bang Jared hard to get him to spring for this one!

  2. I also get into a cleaning frenzy, fueled by diet coke and a desire for sparkle. I swear it makes me high. I just wish it would STAY that way for longer then .3893 seconds.

  3. Lol can I tell you how much you make me laugh.


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