Rock Party

Ryan turns 4 years old at the end of April.

This is a HUGE deal because this will be the first time I might throw Ryan a REAL birthday party.

I am not a believer in throwing b-day parties for my babies or toddlers. My children are not well-behaved anyway, so billing them as the center of attention is not on my priority list.

But turning 4?!?!? Four is different.
I fully expect Cryin Ryan to morph into a well-behaved gentleman on his 4th birthday.
I don't think that's unreasonable.

4 year olds are angels, right?!

We have had several serious discussions regarding said birthday.
 He has thought a lot about this, and has Martha-Sterwartically come up with a theme:


Rock and Roll you ask??? Oh no. Something much more sophisticated.


Ryan almost hyperventilated with excitement when my favorite brother Jake showed up at our house with a rock.

It was Gypsum so it was all sparkly and awesome when they broke it open. But still...... It did not warrant the sheer excitement Ryan exhibited towards it.

So far, Cryin' Ryan has had the following requests for his elegant Rock party:

1. "Maaaaammmm!! I want a decorate our house wif rocks from our outside!"
2. "Maaammm! You make me a cake wif rocks and my rock cake be grey?"
3. "MAMM! We have many rocks for my friends and we all have rock fight wif eachother?!?!?!?!

 My Sweet/Mature Ryan,

1. Yes.
2. Yes.
3.  and YES!!!!!

Nothing warms my heart more than a bunch of children throwing rocks at each other..... I just hope our homeowner's insurance policy feels the same way.

P.S. Ryan just told me after WEEKS of asking for a Rock Party, that now he wants a lame Ninja Turtle and Insect party.
This is especially annoying news since I had already made his rock balloon decorations:

What a waste.


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  1. Your rock balloons look a little bit like deformed spermatoza.


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