Christmas 2014

Since it's August I figure it's a perfect time to recap last year's Christmas.
Most Mom Blogs chronicle the lives of their families. Where they are going, who they visit, what they eat, or the cute things their kids did.
I prefer to outline some of what goes on in my messed up brain and pepper it with nastiness.
But, since I'm Mormon and Mormons love journaling, I'm going to freaking journal.
My parents live in the outskirts of Herriman with all the mountain folk. It's pretty fancy. They even have gates at the entrance to keep all the old people in.
Can I just say that I adore mountain folk?
An older couple threw the best Christmas party ever, ever, ever. They invited everyone in their closed community and told them to bring kids and grandkids.
I don't know about you, but I hate paying for strange children to have fun. Gross.
About 60 kids attended and everyone was super grossed out.
They had the party in their cute horse barn, with all the horses in their stables so people could pet them.

I even wore flannel so I would blend in with the natives.

 Some guy dressed as Santa and rode in on horseback, then all the kids got a ride.
The best part was that Santa handed out presents to ALL THE KIDS. ALL 60ISH OF THEM.

Every kid got a handmade knitted hat, scarf, and a big cozy blanket. Thats a lot of knitting. It turned out that 3 elderly ladies had been knitting all year in preparation for this party. They sat to the side as every kid got excited and cozied up in their new knitwear. They were grinning and laughing more than the children. How awesome.
This just reinforces my love for old people.

They also had food and hot chocolate which is braggable.


Of course, during the holiday season we hit up a few family parties. Husband got a really fancy white elephant gift:

Shave with me Barbie, courtesy of my cousin Alyssa. It had real human hair glued all over the legs and armpits.

Utah has this train ride that the turn into the polar express for the holidays. It was amazing and the kids loved it.


We had barely moved into our house, boxes were everywhere, but the Christmas tree was up. We didn't have a tree because I am cheap and whiney. My parents let me barrow on of their sets of tree decorations. I actually picked these out for them a few years ago, so of course the tree was awesome.

Then my awesome parents said they matched my house perfectly and GAVE them to me!!! I was stoked since I knew how much the entire set up cost. A lot.

We made/destroyed gingerbread houses.

Ryan had a good time peeing in the snow, but also liked when I filled water guns with food color.

It was soooooo awesome being near family for the holidays, but I missed California.
I creeped around my :favorite Grandma Alice and my mom. Gross.

I LOVE Christmas more than a human should.

Is it too early to start decorating now?

Just kidding. I hate clutter.


  1. I love so much about this post.

    PS, If Ryan's pee is really that yellow, you should probably take him to a doctor....

  2. Sounds like Utah is a pretty awesome place to live! Love the"shave with me" Barbie! I see you're not the only weird humor person in your family! I mean this in the nicest way, I always tell my son he's delightfully weird! :)

  3. You forgot the family "present fight" over the poo-pouri


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