I worked with kids a lot before I had my own. I knew how annoying they could be. I knew they asked "Why?" all the time. But I also knew that my children would be awesome and never annoy me.

I promised myself and my future kids that I would always answer that question.
I wanted to foster my child's curiosity. Explain everything I could, which isn't much, but still.

I was going to be the most patient mom ever, in the entire universe.

As soon as Ryan could talk he began Why-ing? me.

  • Why can't I play with my gum on the carpet?
  • Why can't you just clean it up when I'm done?

  •  Why are our volcanoes so crappy?

  • Why is that girl showing everyone her boobs?

  • Why did *John's mom get surgery on her boobs?
  • *names have been changed to protect the surgically enhanced.
  • Why do we have to keep baby Tyler?

  • Why can't I live with Jackson and Aiden?

  • Why do cars have windows?

  • Why do spiders spin webs?

  • Why do you think I'm annoying?

And so on.

I valiantly answered each one of his questions once he started asking me.

Now I'm FREAKING OUT! It's soooo obnoxious. He harasses me all day long.
What should I do? Do other mom's seriously answer these questions all the time? Should I get a restraining order?

My current plan of action is whenever he asks "Why?" and I don't feel like answering, I just say "yes."

Why do monkeys show their privates? Yes.
Why can't I ride my bike in the street? Yes.
Why do I have to go to bed when it's light outside? Yes.
Why do you say I cry too much? Yes.

So far he is not happy about my new tactics. 


  1. When my oldest son was little he started in with the "why's" I told him "I don't play that". Darn that kid has a good memory because the next time I asked him "why?" he pipes up with "I don't play that". Annoying little bugger. ;)

  2. I think you just saying "yes" is a great idea because otherwise I picture you answering his questions really sarcastically and scaring him for life. So good job mom. Hang in there. Kids suck sometimes. (A lot of the time.)

    1. Don't let her fool you. The sarcasm is alive and healthy. ;)

  3. Turn it back on him. Ask him, "Why do you think?" It makes kids think and helps you feel like you're a good mom (which I know, in fact, that you are, even if you are highly inappropriate at times -- I mean all of the time --, which is one of the reasons why I love you.) You can always say," I'll give the real why when you come up with an explanation that makes sense." (And by the way, when I mentioned to your recently moved in relative that I keep up with you by reading your blog, he had a look on his face that said, "Oh, no. You know the real truth!" Made me laugh.)

    1. LOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!
      Which relative lives there? I had no idea!

      Good advice about turning the question back on them, though I'm very concerned about what his answers may be..... but It's OK, I'll just post them on my blog.


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