Hunting with Rocks

Ryan is no longer a terrible three-nager so Husband actually likes to hang out with him again.

Jared took Ryan camping for some serious father-son bonding. We want Ryan to be a "MAN" so camping is fundamental step.
I also bought him Man-boots that are hardcore and perfect for outdoor stuff.
When I gave them to him he squealed like a girl, immediately put them on, looked at himself in the mirror, then skipped around the house while giggling. It was all very manly.

They left and I got to stay home and relax.

Just kidding. 1 1/2 year old Tyler was with me so I spent my night chasing him at a children's museum. Fun! For real though. Utah county has the best people watching ever. I even brought my sunglasses so I could stare creepily without being arrested.

Jared and Pee-Pre-schooler had a ton of fun.

They chopped wood for a fire.

Ate alarming amounts of marshmallows.

Lit marshmallows on fire then stomped on them.

Ryan spotted a rabbit down the mountain and insisted Jared drive him there so he could hunt it...... with rocks. Ryan gathered up some lethal rocks and insisted he sit in the back of the Razor so he could throw better. WTF. 

Of course Jared took him.

They got home Saturday. I teach Ryan's class at church every Sunday, so I started prepping. I opened the manual and saw the lesson topic:

I Can Be Kind to Animals. Perfect. 

I read through it and turned the page to make copies of the coloring sheet provided.

I gave the lesson the next day. As I explained that we should be kind to animals, Ryan told the class it's also fun to kill them with rocks. Especially rabbits.

And to jack up the lesson even more, Ryan also told everyone how we killed a squirrel with a pellet gun a week ago then poked it with sticks.

I'm still expecting a few calls from the other children's parents.
I plan on not answering them.


  1. You do realize that you live in Utah, where gun ownership is required by law, right?
    Now, if you tried to pull that lesson here in California, you might get calls. I don't think you have anything to worry about now.
    Miss you! Your favorite California Liberal :)

  2. Lol! Well as one of the parents of a child in your class! This is awesome!


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