Bear Skull Apology

Bears are my spirit animal.
I love them. I like them even more than I like Mountain Goats, and I like Mountain Goats a lot.

  • Bears will rip you apart if you mess with their cubs.
  • They like to hang out by themselves.
  • Polar Bears have black skin under their white fur. Kind of how I wish I was Black even though I am undeniably white. 
  • Bears can walk on their hind legs for short distances.

  • Grizzly bears have awesome highlights in their fur.
  • They Hibernate.
  • Bears are also majestic. 

I was still pretty pissed off at Husband from an earlier argument when he came home with a present for me.
Thankfully it was not a 10" Classic Dong because I already have one of those from a previous gift giving incident.

Instead of a Dong, I came face to face with a real Bear Skull.
And yeah, I will capitalize the words Bear Skull because Bear Skulls are awesome and deserve some Respect.

I love skulls but not in the creepy Jeffery Dahmer/Ed Gein way.
I love them in the stay-at-home-mom who like science-y stuff way.

Anyway, I mostly forgave Jared for his trespasses because the Skull is pretty cool.

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