Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pee Stick

Usually if I have a huge problem or stress in my life I ignore it until is goes away. I realize this isn't necessarily a healthy coping mechanism but (normally) it works beautifully.

So almost 5 months ago when I discovered this:

... I realized that I actually didn't want this problem to go away. Very usual behavior. I have an aversion to all things that potentially cause stress or make me gain weight, and this was sure to do both of those things.

Regardless, I am 5 months knocked up next week. I am due May 2. I will find out the sex next Monday. amen.


  1. I thought you were just a fat ass....

  2. woahh!! Congrats Emily! You're due exactly a month before me.

  3. Hooray!! Sooo happy for you & Jared!! xox, Debbie Freitas oxo

  4. That's exciting! I hope you have a smooth pregnancy!

  5. Congrats! You and Jared are going to be such fun parents!!

  6. Congrats. Now where is a belly pic?

  7. Woah woah woah woah WOAH. You made it 5 months into a pregnancy thinking it was weird period stuff and constipation!? DUDE. CONGRATS


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