No One Likes Knee Shorts

Today I was walking down a long sidewalk at Cal State University. As I passed by a 20-something black dude, he called me an "Ugly White B*tch".......... seriously.
I assume my knee length shorts really offended him.

Now I have been called the B-word plenty of times in my day, but never unprovoked. And though my knee length shorts are pretty ugly, they do not warrant that kind of language. Usually this would have caused me to bust out my most refreshingly witty insults, but as he was a big black dude and I am just an ugly white girl, I just agreed and kept walking.

I hate knee shorts just as much as the next black guy. But I hate people looking at my upper thighs even more. I especially hate when you sit down and your fat squeezes out to the sides and you know in your heart that everyone in the room is thinking about how fat your thighs look.
They are also an essential part of my Mormon girl wardrobe.

So whatever, angry black guy, I will wear knee shorts whenever I feel like it.

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  1. This post comes at an appropriate time. I am packing for our 4th of July trip to Cabo where it is going to be 100 degrees and I get to dress like a nun. The church better be freakin' true...


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