My Chacos

The last week of my life was spent ditching school, work and other important responsibilities to explore Lake Powell. Though I am not sure if I am still employed, you would ditch out too if you could chill here:

What is awesome about this picture (besides that I am in it)???

How about the fact that I am strolling up a steep slippery rock with the grace of a ninja?

The best shoes ever made. ever.

I can do whatever I want when I am wearing these. I run up whatever rocks I want to summit. They grip onto everything and will never fall off. You can imagine how awesome my tan lines are. Nothing is as classy as a girl who hasn't showered for a week wearing a pair of these.

I have had them for five years and they are still way better than your sandals. I promise your life would be way better if you bought some.

They are the only shoes I pack when I go to Lake Powell. I am funnier, prettier, and more charming when I wear them. Just ask Jared's family.

I even wear them when I sleep just in case I have to pee in the middle of the night. There is no way I'm popping a squat with out the peace and comfort my Chacos give me.

Let's not forget how useful they are if you want to scoop out dead carp before you go swimming.
More amazing Lake Powell stories to follow. amen.

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  1. Emily I effin love you!! You are helerious!!!!!!!!!! Oh how I miss you! The pic of you and laurisa is too funny and I could go on for hours about how hard I am laughing at all your posts! We have to get together when you come to town!.....Also thanks for all the cute compliments on Breck she is amazing and you will have a little gorgeous bunny just like her!


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