My Hair

Thanks to prenatal vitamins I've been taking for a few years my hair is the longest it's been for a long time. After a disastrous haircut that looked like a mullet with thin wispy strands coming out everywhere, I vowed never to cut my hair short again. And when I do get my hair cut I specify that I don't want a hipster-emo mullet.

The only problem is that I find my hair everywhere.

  • in the dryer's lint catcher
  • on my pillow
  • stuck in my broom
  • on Jared's shirt
  • my bathroom floor and counters
  • weaved in my toothbrush
  • one time in the Chinese food I made
  • in Jared's face when were making out
  • hiding in the nooks in my car

and the worst is when I find it after it gathers into:

  • my butt-crack in the shower
Then I have to dig it out and stick it to the shower wall. Bleh.

But even worser than the worst is after our someone stays at our house and I find their private hairs in the shower and/or the toilet seat.
The men is Jared's family are especially hairy, except for Jared because he is perfect (and shaves). So when Jared's bro, Baby Brian, stayed with us a few weeks ago I had to keep an eye out for runaway pubes.Furry toilet after Baby Brian was done punishing it. :(

Thanks for spending time reading about such important issues. amen.

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