The Mom Curse

I know I talk a lot of trash about Pee-Baby, but the truth is: I am in sweet sweet love with him.
I wake up excited every morning and skip into his room. His toothless grin is better than warm early morning sunshine. His chubby leg stumps make me giddy. And his baby bald spot feeds my soul.

I always believed that once I had kids my fun would be over. Life would be torturous and filled with regret.

Having a kid is awesome.
I love everything he does.  I sigh when he grabs my face. I melt when he cuddles with me. I even think it's cute when he takes a dump on me.

There are a couple of negatives though. That's right, I'm talkin about the mom curse.
Once you have a kid your entire image molts and what you are left with is not pretty. Everything as you know it is swept aside and replaced with sweatpants. 

Before Kids:

After Kids:

I smell like spit-up all the time. I don't shower everyday. My bum is flabby like my boobs.

Every once in a while I get a good nights sleep and pull myself together.

But being Cryin Ryan's mom is my favorite thing ever and worth the crusty spit up and dried pee that splatters my clothes.


  1. yay. something to look forward to. (not that i don't look and feel like "after kids mom" now!)

  2. Oh how true it is. Thank you for your completely accurate drawing.

  3. Now you can imagine what I look like with a 7 yr old, 4 yr old and 7 month old twins!


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