The Tattletale Book

One of the staff at the Boys and Girls Club has an interesting way to pacify tattletales.

 Behold the Tattletale Book:

The first graders are notorious tattletales. So instead of fielding whiners all day, she has them write their complaints in the book. It is one of the best things ever.

Here we see the inner stuggles of the first graders.

 He was winee becus i seb thet i am not his frenb

 Anthony is said somethig bad to jaime bye have a good da

Fabion kicked me in the face u laitlle 

Anthony pook me on the eye


Gabrooll sed that Jamy was a cri baby

We can't forget the problem child, Nia.

Nia push Anthonys

Nia was fitien with me

Nia is being minn

 Nia boses us arond

And my personal favorite includes an emotional piece of art.

Sedistn M. Sedistn is eat my (chip)
Sedistn is min

The end.


  1. You fit right in with these messed up little kids. Your Christmas card was adorable by the way. Good job being a MILF.

  2. this is fucking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just found your blog and I seriously cracking up at every post, and your drawings KILL! oh in case you were wondering, i found you by image searching "angel pubes" (don't ask) on google. I saw your vaseline pube drawing and had to click it haha.


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