Auntie Pee Pee and Uncle Poo Poo

My favorite Brother Jake has a cute little girl.

Since she was a baby, Jake taught her to call me Auntie Pee Pee and referred to Jared as Uncle Poo Poo.

As Auntie Pee Pee, I have taken my responsibilities very seriously.

I taught her what a cow says - mooooooo
What a frog says - ribbit ribbit
What a kitty says - meow
And what a wiener says - psssssssss

She's a smart little gremlin.

She doesn't like to say Ryan so she calls my baby a variety of inappropriate names.

Most often she calls him "Rhiney"
And when she feels like spicing things up a bit, she busts out "Rhiner", a magnificent mixture of Ryan and wiener.

That's all, amen.


  1. What they hell is in the water in Riverton that messed you guys up so bad?

  2. Dear QNC. Have you ever tasted Riverton water? I think you've answered many of my own questions!
    P.S. if you ate ever invited to dinner at the family home....respectfully decline. Trust me.


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