Eating Sperm

Smartgirls @ the Boys and Girls Club.
Every Friday at 4:00pm.
We were discussing "Honesty".......and out of nowhere.....
a fourth grade girl (10 years old) raised her hand in the middle of the class.

She asks, "What is Sperm?" (Sidenote: Is Sperm capitalized or not? A person is a proper noun and since sperm can become a person does that qualify it for capitalization? In my book, yes.)

My jaw drops. 

Sperm Girl: You said we can ask whatever questions we want.

Knows-way-too-much Girl: I know what it is!

Miss Emily: Alright... enlighten us.

KWTM Girl: ok. so the boy does this to his thing (she was totally making the jerk-off gesture with her hands) and then a white stuff comes out..... oh yeah, and it"s safe to eat.

My jaw drops further.

Miss Emily: who told you that?

KWTM Girl: My older sister

Sperm Girl: Is that true Miss Emily?

Miss Emily: um....yes. 

Sperm Girl: You can really eat it?

Miss Emily: well...um....you probably shouldn't.

And then we finished our talk about honesty. amen.


  1. OH MY GOD!!! Why would an older sister tell her younger sister something like that! You are much stronger than I am to continue that convo without crying from laughter.

  2. I love everything about this post.

  3. Emily, can we please trade places for a day? You have the funniest things happen to you. You handled it so well...haha!


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