Happy Mother's Day to ME!

Last Sunday we celebrated my first Mother's Day. 
Ryan was born last year before Mother's Day but since I don't consider newborns real people yet, it obviously didn't count.

Why I am an awesome Mom:
  • I read to Ryan everyday
  • I take pictures of him in questionable situations

  • I take him on walks all the time
  • I let him ruin everything


  • I run him around the house in his toy truck, full sprint
  • I feed him
  • I change his foul, foul diapers
  • Every afternoon nap he takes I hold and cuddle him the whole time
  • I take him to work with me and let him play with the little kids
  • I have only taken 1 nakey picture of him, and I promise I won't show it to his future girl friends

  • I let him take 45 minute long baths
  • I  didn't get mad when he didn't eat his birthday cake

  •  I only make fun of him a few times a day for making this face:

  •  I let him touch goats.

Need I go on? 
I am a way better mom than I though I would be. 
Probably because I learned everything from the 2nd best (next to me) Mom ever!


  1. Oh my gosh, so cute. I still can't beleive you are responsible for another human life.

  2. YOU ARE A GREAT,WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC MOTHER AND I'M VERY PROUD OF YOU! ...... and you've provided one pretty special grandson! I love you sweetie!


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