Sorry for Hitting You in the Face

I have written an infinite amount of apology letters throughout my lifetime.
  • Sorry for mooning your dad
  • Sorry for being a sloppy punk
  • Sorry for burning dinner
  • Sorry for answering the door in my bikini
  • Sorry that I painted your little boy's fingernails
  • Sorry that I only check my email once a week
  • Sorry I snuck in your pool and swam naked
  • Sorry that I didn't shower
  • Sorry I showed an entire audience my camel toe
  • Sorry that my baby pooped on you
...... you get the idea.

But the apology letter I had to write last Friday was unprecedented. 

At a church activity we were playing games. I got a little too competitive and nailed a 15 year old dude, right in the face. Hard.
My hand hurt afterwards. 

That's right folks, that homemade card says "Sorry I hit you in the face."

I felt so bad that I even made him cookies.

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  1. That poor fifteen year old boy.... Getting a beat down from the Milf he thinks about late at night.....


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