Chickens and Goats

I planned a field trip for the third graders at the Boys and Girls Club.
My boss and I both drove huge vans full of giddy, pants-peeing kids to:
The Painted Pony Farm in Ojai.  


 Jared and Cryin' Ryan tagged along. 
 Everyone got to hold bunnies and chicks. 

 Ryan made out with a chicken then tried to tear it's beak off.


All the kids also got to milk a goat. My boss tried it after I reminded him about the bragging rights that come with being able to milk things. He had a disgusted look on his face the entire milking. 
I guess he's not that comfortable around goat nips.

Then Farmer Steve let the kids feed the goats. Ryan always gets excited around animals. He loves them. Like, seriously LOVES them. He tried to lick this goat: 

The best part about this field trip was this kid getting pooped on by a chicken:

Why yes, that IS a poop shaped like a wiener, thanks for asking. 

The other staff and I just stood there laughing. My boss was nice enough to help a kid out. 
Right after the poor kid was turded on, Pee-baby sneezed boogers all over his arm.

 Then we looked at a pig.



  1. omg that kid getting pooped on! i totally spit my icecream out of my mouth thanks a lot! oh man if i were there i prbly woulda been peeing myself laughing, haha poor kid lol

  2. Your baby made out with a chicken, then licked a goat? I think you may have a bestiality problem on your hands.....


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