I hate poop

Before I had baby Ryan, I was was nervous. 

Late nights? No prob. 
Labor and delivery? I'll deal with it. 
Breastfeeding every 2 hours? Ok.
Extra laundry? Alright.
Extra housework? acceptable. 

Wiping Butt for the next few years? Definitely NOT OK.

I hate butts and I HATE poop. 
I even hate my own poop. I use a healthy 20-30 layers of toilet paper every time I wipe my own. 

Everyone said:

"It will be fine!"
"Your babies poop is not a big deal!"
"It's different when it's your own baby!"

Um.... Nope. It's still poop.
And when you change a diaper and it's still warm, it's just as sickening. 
And the older your kid gets, the more foul it becomes. 

The worst is when you catch your baby squatting and grunting in the corner. They always look you straight in the eyes when they are pinching a loaf. It's creepy.

I pretend not to be able to smell if Ryan took a dump in his pants when Jared is around. Then when Jear-bear notices, he has to change it.

I also try not to feed Pee-Toddler too much fresh fruit. Then he doesn't mess his pants as much. 

The smell is so disturbing, I can now hold my breath for over 1min and 15 seconds. 

Does anyone know if you can potty train your baby at 17 months? 


  1. Sure you can! (: I was potty trained at 17 months, but then again i hated my diaper apprently.... so i dunno, keep a potty seat handy and if you see him grunting whisk him to the toliet and tell him he has to poop on the potty?

  2. Jessie pottytrained....herself?..... and baby from newborn. Jake trained at 15 mos to pee. Just count your blessings he's not handicapped or you'd be in for life!
    ....and that explains why our toilets were always plugged!!

  3. Ignoring the poop smell till your husband smells it? Genius. Please keep posting these pearls of parenting wisdom.


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