Dirty Thirty

Last month, I turned 30.
That's right. The dirty thirty.

I spent that weekend with my hot husband, my energetic/psycho two year old, my newborn baby and my awesome parents who were in town from Utah.

My dad even flew in a couple of days early to be there on my actual birthday. When you are the
favorite child, you get perks like that.

We did a bunch of cool stuff that I am too lazy to write about, but trust me, it was cool.

I took some time to reflect on my 30 years of life and where I thought I would be at this point. I have accomplished all major goals I set for myself except one:

I still haven't come to terms with the fact that I was not born black.

I know in my heart there is an inner black girl aching to come out and be FABULOUS. That's why I still sing along in my car to Tupac and 50 Cent with my babies in the back seat.

That is also why I binge-watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

I wish someone asked me to prom like this :(

Other than that, there is nothing so seriously wrong with my life that a little Botox, Spanx, and a lot of praying can't fix.

My husband asked me what I wanted it to say on my cake.

I was breast feeding #2 at the time and jokingly told Jared to have the bakery write, "Happy Birthday Milk Tits".

Thanks Jared.
This picture will be awesome in our scrapbook and I can't wait to explain it to our children!


  1. You're so ooooooold! jk I think it was a good strategy to have a newborn babe when you turned thirty because you are so overcome with their cuteness you don't really care about turning the big 3-0! I'm glad you had a happy birthday. :) Your parents seem like really awesome people.

  2. You are so funny!! And thirty is so young. I made most of the major mistakes in my life in my thirties so I really pushed for those forties.

    I can't believe that cake! Happy Birthday!


  3. so the best part of my day today at my desk when I was working SO HARD, was when I was scrolling down through your posts and noticed your tag on this one.
    "my privates" hahahaha i love it.


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