Drug Caching

There is a huge unoccupied ravine across the street from my house.

We always see local teenagers sneaking up there for a little make out session, which is why Jared and I weren't too surprised when we saw a beat-down sedan pull up near our house.

Don't worry, I still stopped everything to spy on the mangy looking girl that was driving.

Life as a mostly stay at home mom doesn't get too exciting, so I take what I get.

She was alone and sat in her rusty car for almost 5 minutes messing with her phone and something in her purse.
She finally climbed out with the grace of drunkard.

The girl looked like she was in her early twenties, and wore shorts short enough that I could confirm she was, in fact, female.

She scuffled over to the fence and cautiously looked around to see if anyone was watching her.

I creepily hid by my kitchen window.

She pulled something out of one of the fence posts.
I totally thought she was making a drug drop. I was stoked.

After gross-girl left, I put my pants on and went across the street to check things out.

Inside the fence post was a little metal vial.

I excitedly opened it up:

A geo-cache.

I was so bummed. I thought I would for sure get to solve a crime and call the cops.

Clearly, I need to create more excitement in my life that doesn't involve spying out my window without pants on.


  1. Ha!!! This is the best post ever!

  2. Just came across this blog and love this post. Oh so funny. Good detective skills.


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