Maternity Dressing Tips

If I could dispense one piece of advice regarding dressing while you're knocked up, it would be this:

Suck it up and buy a couple pairs of good maternity jeans - especially if your planning on  having more than one kid. Its going to be expensive, but how your pregnant butt looks is worth investing in.

They are more comfortable, keep their shape better and last longer than cheap ones.

They are also awesome to wear for a few months/years after you have the baby and are getting back into shape.

Maxi dresses? Yes.

Wrap dresses? Yes.

I tried to buy shirts and dresses that can be worn whether you're knocked up or not. This shirt is going to be an amazing swimsuit cover up this summer.

Never underestimate the power of a plain T-shirt, jeans and cute cardigan. Who cares if you can't button it up?

The best accessory is a smile. Lucky for me, I have a trouble-making 2 year that makes me smile all the time.

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  1. Love these...should a added a post preggo one and let me see my other cute grandson....


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