Maternity Pics

I saw some AMAZING pictures of knocked up chicks on Pinterest. I never took any cool pictures the first time I was pregs, so I wanted to make sure I did for #2.

I had plans of drinking copious amounts of Castor Oil during week 38, so towards the end of week 37 I got to work.

I am too cheap to pay a photographer and I feel douchey posing for pictures. We have a good camera and I'm decent at PhotoShop so in between my morning sickness/pants-peeing I make Jared point and shoot.

I threw on some white clothes and just took the pics in my bedroom.

Sorry. I HAD to document my awesome pregnancy boobs for future generations. FYI, I was wearing shorts in this picture, I don't do crotch shots.

The photos are a little deceptive though.
The reality was closer to this:

Don't judge.


  1. Haha I love the reality picture, b/c the truth is that is how everyone's reality is after the camera is off!! Great pictures, they came out beautifully!!


  2. My favorite is you holding Ryan. I didn't get that one....hint hint....love you! Also I need little boys picture fixes every couple of days. So get to it!!!!! ;)


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