Sweet Baby

Every so often we all hear a story or read something that really resonates with us. The story of Baby Maxwell has touched me.

Maybe it's because I held my newborn in my arms as I read it, or maybe because I've had miscarriages, but probably because I'm simply a Mother.

I know miscarriages pale in comparison to losing a baby after birth, but the sense of loss was so profound that I found my heart physically aching for the Sorenson fam.

Micci is Mormon, and references her beliefs throughout her postings. As Mormons we believe that families are forever connected, and though family members die, we will get to see them again, live with them, and hug them again. Life doesn't begin at birth or end in death. We come to earth to learn and obtain physical bodies. More info here.

It is still tragic and painful when a loved one dies, and I'm sure Micci and family would welcome any prayers or good thoughts on their behalf.

This story forced me to consider my Children's mortality and how life can suddenly change. I want to suck up every minute I have with my little family and be a better person for them.

I know I will be hugging my kids a little tighter.

For Max's story start here.

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  1. Thanks for your post. I feel like Max had such a short and sweet life but really a profound impact on his family and others. I know I don't "know" you but I feel like I "get" you a lot with your humor and I appreciate your thoughts about our baby. I never EVER thought I would deal with this but it has also changed the way I look at my other kids too. I can do hard things. That is my motto.


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