Ryan Turns 3

Little Pee-Baby is blossoming into a nice young man.

As of April 27th, he is 3 years old! He even pees in the toilet 73% of the time now! (pooping is another sad, sad, story....)

Ryan was super spoiled and basically spent the whole week celebrating himself.

For breakfast he broke into my candy drawer:

Besides singing "Happy Birthday" to himself on numerous occasions, he also thought it would be a good time to become a Ninja and practice the fine art of Karate on baby Tyler. I let him since it was his birthday.

Jared's grandma, Annette, (who is amazing and awesome and better than your grandma) lives across the street from us and takes her role as Ryan's great-grandma very seriously.
So seriously, she took him to Chuck E. Cheese.

She bought Pee-toddler the entire Birthday Celebration package.

Jared, Annette, and I showed up on a Thursday morning to find an entire table set and decorated in classy Chuck E. Cheese paraphernalia.

Ryan got 100 game tokens that he spent on a submarine shooting game.

 We ate pizza then Chuck E. Cheese/the stoned teenager wearing the costume, came out and did some birthday show with him.

Ryan was so happy he almost hurt himself doing this handsome smile:

Ryan is definitely one of my favorite boys.


  1. Wow. I can't believe it's been 3 years since you ruined your life....I mean, since you became a mom. Happy birthday pee baby!

  2. Ryan is adorable...even if he peed way too long and now has issues with #2. Happy Birthday Big Guy!!!

    The age of three for my kids usually meant another was on the way...seriously. 4 times. All 3 years apart. Much later it meant one graduation every four years and one tuition after one ended. Pisser.


  3. Love the pictures! Wish we could have been there!!! Love you!


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