Nasty House: Kitchen

We bought our house in 2008 and it looked like this:

The 1960's linoleum looked like it had a bad case of Hepatitis.
The grout in the tile counter top was chipping away, and our appliances barely worked.

It smelled old.
And not the good kind of old. This kind of old smelt disgusting.

It was livable though... and Jear-Bear has a thing for buying the nastiest house he can find.
I'm white trash so I got used to it quickly.

Jared thinks the only way to remodel anything is to rip everything down to the studs and start from scratch.

He is crazy.

 Is it just me or is it kind of sexy that he built the cabinets himself?

We moved our kitchen stuff the the living room for the 5 months he was remodeling! Lucky me.
Yes, that is a camping stove next to our couch.

When we finally saved enough money to remodel I insisted on white cabinets.
I am obsessed with white. It looks so fresh and clean.

We left a 36 inch space for an awesome stove like this one:

But since we are poor, we didn't have an extra $6000 to spend on a stove. We will get one soon though. Then I might feel obligated to actually cook for my family!

For now we just bought a cheap stove for $400 and will continue my crappy "cooking" in the microwave.

You all know how I feel about my sink.

We also went to a granite quarry to pick out the awesome granite.

I'm just happy that all my appliances are out of my living room and that my house doesn't smell like old stuff.


  1. Wooooow!!! Love your gorgeous kitchen!!!

    1. I had your use of white as inspiration!!!!!!

  2. Your kitchen is beautiful! Seriously, I love white kitchens. Too bad pee toddler and #2 are for sure going to trash it. At least you took some pretty pictures first.

  3. I love it all...you have a great guy and you know it!!!!! Keep the camp stove until he takes that 2nd job and buys you a Viking.


  4. Nice. :) love you! Give those boys grandma kisses please!


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