Halloween 2014

 I figured since Thanksgiving was a few days ago it made sense to do a Halloween post.

 I started October off right, by drawing uni-brows on my babies:


We went to a free pumpkin patch (because screw Cornbelly's and their $15 cover charge). Ryan rolled around in a pile of diseased corn kernels.


After he contracted hepatitis, I decided it would be a good idea to put my tiny baby in it too!!!

After, we picked small/cheap pumpkins and brought them home. Favorite sibling Jake came over and made fun of an angry Titty Monkey.

His kids Brooke and Laura helped carve our discount pumpkins.

Another day, I spent my time wisely by dressing Tyler up as Little Critter:

Later in the month we went to another free event in Herriman city. I love Utah and all the free family stuff.

You better believe Ryan played in the straw pit. But lucky for me, I think he gave his hepatitis away to some other kid.


My mom's family party was the perfect place for Ryan to show off his skeleton costume to his beloved cousin, Aiden.

No. Seriously, Ryan is obsessed with Aiden.

Lets also talk for a minute about why Ryan was a skeleton. Its because he already owned the pajamas and the face paint was only $4 with my 40% coupon at Michaels.

On Halloween night, my bro Matt and his wife Stephanie invited us over to go trick-or-treating with them. Ryan was ecstatic he got to spend more time with his idol, Aiden. Their house always has good food and better company. It makes me happy that we moved to Utah.

And yes, we were all skeletons, because I already had black clothes, masking tape, and my $4 face paint. Maybe one day I will stop being so cheap about halloween, but until then..... SKELETONS EVERY YEAR!!!!!!



  1. Being near family is good. :)

    The skeleton idea is so clever.

    And I love Little Critter! So cute!

  2. Apparently you crave more comments to spur you on to more bogs. Halloween was 3 months ago, we have had 3 holidays, many exciting things have happened, you've attended 2 different wards so I KNOW you have new pictures and stories to go with them.
    I'm just going to tell on you. Emily doesn't blog anymore because her family is currently trying to beat an Xbox kids game. But they're (read Emily and Jared) are really good at it! They have gain new skills since joining us here in the beautiful mountain state. ;)

    1. Ha! You're in trouble now, Emily. :)


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