Pumpkin Penis

Look at how happy Ryan is about this skull:

Halloween is his obsession. He likes it more than Christmas.
That means we do all sorts of dumb stuff during October to make it fun for him.

My favorite sibling Jake even stopped by to show us his costume.

I took the kids to a Pumpkin Patch so they could make memories and have fun.... or because it was free.

There was no way I was paying $15 a person to get into the more popular pumpkin patches.
Especially when there was such amazing-ness to be had at this Riverton City one.

Who gets to sit on old tractors?! Oh wait, everyone ever. But the kids still liked it.

We were shopping for small pumpkins to paint (since we had already stole the ones we would carve). When out of nowhere I hear a squeaky voice yell,


I was laughing until I turned around and saw that the squeaky voice belonged to MY kid. He was also posing with one of the penis pumpkins.

Everyone at the conservative Mormon pumpkin patch heard. Since the damage was already done, I went ahead and took a picture, much to the horror of most other parents.

To be fair, they do look a little phallic.

We finished up our night in the corn kernel pit with Ryan getting golden showers from other kids..... and liking it. 

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