Hawaiian Ryan

As of right now, Ryan is my favorite child.
I switch between my kids regularly.

The second week of December my parents and my creepy little family went to Hawaii.

Ryan was a champ on the plane rides, probably because I let him play Minecraft for 7 hours straight.

Tyler was the Antichrist. He puked everywhere and I swear his head rotated a full 360 degrees. He slept in the airport before the plane ride so he would be rested enough to inflict terror during the flight.

Ryan was so excited to see everything. I love when kids are in awe of the world.

Tyler had an attention span of 1.02458 seconds.

Ryan snorkeled like a pro.

He snorkeled every chance he got.
He was very concerned that someone littered food in the water because it was too salty.

He snorkeled in places that I wouldn't even get into. I was pretty concerned about how fearless he was, even though we put him in swimming lessons after he fell in a pond downtown.

He was stoked when we went star gazing and he saw the moon and a galaxy through huge telescopes.

When he found out my sister Rachel was having a bad day back in Utah he was very concerned. He sent her this sincere message:


Hawaiian Ryan also likes to explore creepy cemeteries as much as I do.

He loved having my parents along to entertain him.

Tyler was generally pissed off the whole time.

Ryan's mind was blown at a Luau where he saw a roasted pig carcass and girls shaking their butts.

Who would have thought Pee-Baby would grow up into such a fun kid? I had serious doubts.

Maybe there is still hope for little Tyler.

Or maybe not.

It's a good thing I think he's adorable.

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