Curiosity Museum

A while ago we bought a family pass to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi, Utah.

It's a magical place of wholesome family fun, but more importantly a place I can take my little crotch-muffins to in the winter so I don't abuse them.

The Curiosity Museum is included on the pass we bought.
It's one of the cooler kid's museum's I've been to, so out of like, 2-3 kid's museums, it's cooler.

When you walk in to one of the areas there is a huge marquee sign that kids can climb behind and create their sweet little kid messages.

Ryan wanted to try it out.
He was looking through all the letters and became pretty frustrated when he remembered he can't spell or read.
I offered to help him.
He told me he needed help spelling "nut butt".
He was very proud that he knew "butt" started with a "b" and ends with a "t".

And to be honest, I was pretty proud too.
He is growing up so fast.

Then, on the other side, he wanted to spell "fart head".
I am a mother who tries to foster learning and creativity in any form, so of course I helped him out.

We left them in place and hurried downstairs because I was dying to watch other parents notice our inappropriate creations.

I took a bunch of Statistic classes in college.
I sat down across from the sign to collect data while my kids terrorized a toddler play area.

After analyzing the reactions of parents who read the marquee, I can say with a 98% confidence level that all dads smile and/or laugh out loud when spotting the bad words on display, while most moms do not find it amusing.

One mom was so appalled, she sent an older child up to destroy the profanity.
I could tell the kid was laughing on the inside while still trying to act offended at the message for his mom's benefit.

It was was super funny and satisfied my heart.

While this museum is cool, it also contains a parental torture chamber. This exhibit was inspired by Dante's 5th circle of hell.

It's about 20 drums that are controlled by devil children, using a simple touch screen.

It is awful and don't ever go in there.

There is also a game where you stop on jumping frogs. When you stomp on them, they flatten and stick their tongues out like they are dead.
I'm not surprised my hyper-active kids can spend a solid 30 minutes here.
I play with them and count it as my cardio for the month.

So sometimes I get all fancy and do Tyler's hair in a little mo-hawk and he looks a little douche-baggy but don't judge me. I'm just trying to live my life.

There is a huge jungle themed climbing gym - complete with boogers, hair, and used band-aids. The three staples of any good play place.

I have some other cool pictures we've taken there, but that would require my getting off the couch and finding my phone cord, so just imagine some in your demented heads.

I would totally take my kids there again... especially since I have a pass so it's technically free, and my kids have some bloody band-aids we would like to dispose of.

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  1. That museum is my worst nightmare.
    I'm coming to Utah for the entire month of October.
    I'll start practicing spelling potty words with Isaac now so he'll be ready for our play dates.


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