Vernal Adventure/March 2016: Part II

Our second day in paradise/Vernal, Utah promised to be incredible.

There was no way we were going to waste a second of it.
We went directly to The Utah Field House of Natural History Museum better known as the dinosaur museum.

I was here over 20 years ago as a budding young bull-sh*tter doing research for a dinosaur report. My parents decided to make a little trip out of my homework assignment, and all 7 of us kids were packed in the trunk and taken here.

My parents used to bring Super Soaker water guns on road trips to spray us in the face if any of us were bad.
I tried that with my boys, but they thought it was funny and acted worse so that I would spray them again.

Anyway, check out these fashionable pics of me as a child.

 I made Ryan pose with the same creepy dinosaurs.


Speaking of creepy dinosaurs, look at this guy again:

And look at this prehistoric killer beaver thing:

*full body shivers*
And I thought this was a child-friendly museum.

I was glad Tyler got free admission since he liked playing with the electrical boxes more than expanding his knowledge of our dinosaur friends.

I just let T-Bag play with them because he was being a little punk on that trip, and I figured if he got shocked that would teach him a good lesson about playing with electricity.

We spent 1/2 a day there then left our Jurassic paradise and headed home.... Squirting my kids in the face with a water gun the entire time.

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  1. Your parents pretty much water boarded you as a child. Suddenly everything is making so much more sense....


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