Bath Bombs

Bath bombs.
Oh how I love them.

I don't even take baths often (or showers for that matter), I just love bath bombs because they smell like the Celestial Kingdom.
They make my whole house smell delicious. They are better than candles. I store them in my closet just so I can sniff them everyday.

I mostly let me kids use them.
Ryan and T-Bag love them and play in the bath longer when we use them.
Longer bath times = more time I can sit on the toilet and look at Pinterest. 

I'm obsessed with the bombs from that over-priced mall store, LUSH.
Don't worry though. We all know that there is no way my cheapness would allow dropping $6-$10 on a bath bomb.
OK. Just kidding. I totally spend that. Just don't tell my husband.


I usually break the bath bombs into 4 pieces. They last us 5 baths since I save the cheeto dust left behind from when I chopped them.

Look who is winning now LUSH!

I also bought this MMMelting Marshmallow Moment Luxury Bath Oil.
So fancy!

This one isn't for the chillun'. It's only for me.

I'm saving it for fall/winter when I have lizard skin.
You know in your heart I'll be chopping it up so it lasts longer.

LUSH also has bubble bath bars that you stick in your tub and it fizzes out a bunch of heavenly bubbles. I am scared to try them since I don't want any other addictions in my life.

I bought some random ones at White Barn Candle/Bath and Body Works and they sucked balls. Real balls, not bath balls.
I will say the packaging is adorable. A mini egg carton? Yes please.  

Farm Fresh - Green Bubble Gorgeous
Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

These cost $25 for 6 of them. I got them home and realized they were so small especially next to LUSH's bombs. The blue LUSH bomb is obviously on the left.

The smells weren't that great, just normal and expected.
They left a TON of residue all over my tub.
I am lazy. I don't want to be scrubbing my tub more than once every few years.

These ones were a total rip off.

 I should probably learn how to make my own bath bombs. There are online recipes for LUSH-like bath stuff.
But I won't because: lazy.

Well, LUSH wins again.


  1. When I come to Utah I'll bring you a bunch of my inlaws lavender products. They won't be as good as lush but they will be free, and I know your husband will love that.

  2. I love their bath bombs! I almost ordered a few awhile ago but then shipping was ridiculous so I said screw it and canceled it, then got some for Christmas...yay!!

  3. I recently discovered Lush and spend way too much money when I go as well. But the husband doesn't ask, so I don't offer the info..haha It's so worth the smell. I hadn't thought about cutting them up! BRILLIANT!


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