Shark Floor Steamer Is Just OK

Nothing Special.
-My thoughts on the Shark Steam Mop

My habitual cleaning addiction had me dreaming of a floor steamer FOR-EV-ERRR.
I would fantasize about sparkling clean floors and how I would roll around on them naked. (Then clean them again, obviously because of swass.)

While skipping around Walmart I spotted the Shark Steam Mop on sale for $40.

I was stoked that the cleaning gods bestowed this gift upon me. 
I smacked my lips and may have drooled a little bit. Don't Judge me.

Plus, look how happy the model looks holding the product in her manicured hand:

So I get it home, and after the kids go to bed I put it together.
It was really easy to assemble, but since I'm secretly a 12 year old boy I get distracted easily.

After I popped my zits, painted my toenails, ate some tootsie rolls and skittles from my candy cabinet, and pet the cat, I finally started steaming my floor.

One thing you should know if you are cleaning with a steamer for the first time:

You are a gross, disgusting excuse for a human. And I hope you're proud of yourself.

I thought I kept my floor extremely clean, but then I steamed it and realized my failures as a housewife and a female in general. 

Steamers will remove dirt you didn't even know existed.
This is just one more area of my life where I'm nasty. great.

As far as the Shark Steam Mop goes, it was just ok.

You have to go over the same spot 4-6 times before it's completely clean. And you have to go slow so the steam can work.
I bet I could get my floors just as clean if I used a normal mop and painstakingly went over everything 6 times.

And it's small so it took me an entire night and most of the next day to clean my floors.

I guess for $40 I can't complain that much. It got the job done.

But I wouldn't recommend it anyone unless I hated them and wanted them to spend a lot of time cleaning.


  1. Thanks for this (and the laughs). I'm a little cray cray about my floors because I have two dogs but not as bad as when I had kids crawling and then sticking their fingers in their mouths. Anyway, I decided to jump on the wood floor cleaning wagon and bought a Swiffer Wet Jet and the regular Swiffer for just pushing around dirt. This was about 3 months ago and they are still in their boxes. Don't tell me anything bad about them yet.


  2. I think you accidentally published this amazon review on your blog by mistake.

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  4. If you think steam
    Mops reveal the dark gross side. Clean your mattress with a sucktion carpet cleaner (in other words a professional device) when i saw how instantly black that water got! Yes. You and all of us sleep in an abyss of gross :P

    1. EWWWWWW! Now I need to clean my mattress!!!!!!!!!

  5. Your sense of humor is funny and makes this post easy reading. I personally never used a floor steamer, let alone heard of them, but they look interesting. I probably would never buy one because I don't want to spend a million hours cleaning my floors. I would rather spend my time playing video games or hanging out with friends.


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