Monday, December 17, 2012

Girl Crush

Is it so wrong to have a girl crush?
I'm married (to a man) but I can definitely appriciate another good looking female.
I think I like pretty girls more than my husband does. 

Chances are if you are a girl I know, I have probably checked you out on multiple occasions.

Kristen Cavaleri
 I want to hate her, but she is so pretty that I can't.

Minka Kelly is the reason I watch the show Parenthood.

Oh Natalie Portman, I love you.
 I already have a pick-up line ready if I ever meet her.

And my favorite pretty girl, Alessandra Ambrosio.


Now I feel like a perv. 




  1. I just want to know the pick-up line you would use with Natalie Portman?

  2. Quentin had a companion from Israel on his mission that was good friends with Natalie Portman. He would get care packages from her and everything! I bet it gave all the other missionaries a chance to practice not thinking bad thoughts....

  3. Anon, I will never tell anyone my pickup line I plan on using with Natalie Portman. Someone will totally use it and steal her away forever. I will tell you that it has to do with lesbianism and dual citizenship.


Speak with your heart or your private parts, either one is fine with me.


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