Ice Kingdom Rip Off

I like Christmas more than I like making fun of my family.

I was giddy as we drove down to Long Beach to go to this:

This is how their website describes it:


Step inside our frozen igloo and immerse yourself in an enchanting world of ice. The Ice Kingdom is a dazzling 13,000 square foot winter wonderland handmade entirely out of ice. Featuring over 2 million pounds of ice, each exhibit is meticulously created by an international team of expert ice sculptors and enhanced with stunning lights and colors for a visually captivating experience unlike any other. 

How frieking rad does that sound?
They are liars.
The description should have read:


20 ice sculptures in a medium size tent. It is kind of cool but definitely not $25 worth of cool.  

 It was FREEZING in the Ice Kingdom... which would make sense.....
This was the coldest I have ever been in Southern California.

Ryan face planted every time he tried to escape my arms.

Pee-Baby is not happy in this picture. His face is frozen into a smile.

What a wholesome young couple. 

I secretly wanted to kick an ice sculpture over because I get pissed when I feel ripped off.  
I have angry eyebrows in this picture, but my hat is covering them.

Afterwards we let Ryan run around and splash in the puddles. He had a ton of fun and we didn't have to pay a $25 admission fee.

At least Ryan kept his pants on the whole time. So, overall, it was a good day.

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  1. Are you guys wearing public coats? That's gross.

    Ps thank you for posting a photo of your husband. He's been missing from photos for awhile and I thought you might have secretly murdered him.


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