Christmas Pooghnut

My parents were in charge of the Annual Barlocker Christmas Party this year.

My Dad's side of the family and anyone else lucky enough to bear the name "Barlocker" is invited.

These parties are usually peppered with inappropriateness and too many kids to count. Like most Mormons, I don't even know how many cousins I have.

We rented out a lodge up Mill Creek Canyon in Utah. There was a huge fireplace and an epic sledding hill.
Santa even came to visit!

I look so much better in pictures that are blurry.

 But the highlight of my night was this:

 The Christmas Pooghnut

After dinner, my mom whipped up some homemade doughnuts while everyone else went sledding.  Isn't my mom the 2nd best mom ever!?!?! (I am #1)

Mom was frying the doughnuts when she decided to get all fancy and try to make one of those twisted doughnuts.

Needless to say, her doughnut twist looked more like Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo.

She showed me and I immediately knew I had to cover it in chocolate frosting. Since it was fresh from the fryer, the frosting melted and gave the Pooghnut a realistic slipperiness.


We tried to give it to my 3 year old nephew. He stared suspiciously at the Pooghnut, then said,

"Um...... that is not a doughnut."

 I offered it to all the kids as they came in from sledding. No takers.

Luckily, the Pooghnut was not wasted. My favorite brother Jake happily ate it up as all our little cousins watched with horror.

My mom didn't try to make any other fancy doughnuts for the rest of the night.

 My baby is so cute. amen.


  1. Q was walking past and saw this post and was like "What are you looking at?!" Then he was like "Oh that must be Emily's blog because she is the only one that would post a picture of poo...."

  2. I didnt know jake ate it! I would have liked to witness the kids faces!

  3. You're welcome for the pictures. :)

  4. LOL I bet the looks on every one of those kids faces was priceless.


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