I Like Things

As a Mormon, I adhere to church standards regarding finances.
 I pay a 10% tithing and avoid debt like I avoid rape. Maybe the words "thithing" and "rape" should not be used in the same sentence........

We budget, save, invest.....blah, blah, blah.

The LDS church also advises it's members to be charitable. We also try not to covet or be greedy. Our focus should not be on acquiring material goods, but on helping others and being self-sufficient. 

It's not wrong to have and enjoy material things though. Which is good because I really like things. 

Here a few materialistic things making me very happy lately:

  • New socks

  • Tiny baby clothes

  • Winter Sweaters and Coats 
  • Guns

  • Victoria's Secret laundry detergent and dryer sheets
           They smell clean and fresh, which is especially good on the days I don't shower.

           All the tiny sample size makeup is PERFECT for traveling.

  • Christmas Cards from Friends and Family

  • Scented Candles that smell like Christmas
  •  Steve Madden Boots
  • Candy
  • Clean Sheets
  •  Free stuff
  • My drawing supplies - Including my secret notebook where I draw mean pictures of my family and/or strangers when I am bored. 
  •  My North Face Hoodie

I like things. amen. 


  1. Quentin and I went on vacation this week to Nordstroms Last Chance in Arizona and we blew $700 just on clothes for ourselves. Then as we were leaving there was a homeless bum on the corner and I just drove past annoyed. I may or may not be going straight to hell...

  2. FINE!!! I'll wash the sheets before you get here! Picky, picky, picky......


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