Friday, April 5, 2013

Chester Surprise

I know you're thinking "Chester Surprise" sounds like a casserole made by a child molester, but you are wrong.

I have always wanted to design a coloring book.
I always make original coloring pages for the trouble-makers at the Boys and Girls Club, so I was thinking, why not draw some stuff for my favorite blog friends?

If you read this blog, I assume that you are a little (or a lot) messed up and like to be innappropriate.

Get your crayons out:


Isn't he ADORABLE???

He was the main character for Bumpin Uglies, that ipod app I did the graphics for.

 Unfortunately the app did not do to well.
But Chester is so undeniably charming I decided to revive him.

Not only do you get the joy of coloring like a kid again, but afterwards, you can cut him out! It would be awesome if you put the cutout someplace random where people are going to find it.

Chester placement ideas:

  • On a public toilet seat
  • On your boss's desk
  • On your significant other's pillow
  • In a library book
  • Peeking out of  the canned goods section at the grocery store
  • Creeping out of the Hymn book at church

The list could go on. Any place inappropriate would work.
Good luck!


  1. I would recommend some type of copyright mark on our friend Chester the molester. We don't want anyone claiming your inappropriate artwork as theirs! Plus they need a way to find you so you can make that million dollars! Love you!

    1. Million dollars?
      I'd be stoked with $30 or $40.
      Ps everything on my blog is already copyrighted.

  2. Oh the places your mind goes.... How could someone so pretty on the outside be so F'd up on the inside?


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