Chucky v. Cryin Ryan

It's official. I like my cat more than my baby. 


Chucky - feeds himself. Jared fills up the dispenser 1x a week. I don't do anything.

Ryan - Whine and cries when he's hungry. He only eats bananas, fruit snacks and chapstick. I have to force feed him anything else. He enjoys spitting water and juice on himself.


Chucky-  Cleans himself. I wipe him down with cat shampoo every couple of days, it take 3 minutes.

Ryan- Plays with his baby wiener in the bathroom, kicks and screams when I take him out of the tub. Have to bathe him AT LEAST once a day depending of the amount of contact he has with his own poop.


Chucky- We have to hog-tie and shave him about once a month.  

Ryan - Wipes poo on himself and eats his boogers. I have to lotion him up every day or he gets lizard skin. We have to hog tie and shave him about once a month.

Sleep Habits

Chucky - Leaves me the eff alone.

Ryan - Climbs out of his crib, sneaks into my bed. I put him back in his bed 10x a night. He wakes up at 6 am.

I was actually thinking of having another baby..... instead, I think I'll just get another cat. 


  1. Girly you make me laugh so hard! My 13 yr old son was reading your blog over my shoulder the other night because I was laughing so much. He said "finally a blogger I can like!". I guess all of us DIY bloggers are lame-o's. :)

  2. Then send me the baby. I put up with you and Jake. Ryan's nothing!....except maybe Gods way of saying "look what you did to your mom!".. . I'm still trying to figure out how Jake got Brookie though....


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