Precious Little Gangstas

There is a graffiti wall near my house.
It's where all the local stoners go to get high and have teenage sex. I suspect many of Camarillo's citizens have been conceived there.

The whole place is probably infected with STD's which is why we didn't let the kids touch the damp couch or soggy sleeping bag we found.

I have been wanting to do a Hard Core Gangsta photo shoot with Pee-Baby ever since he got his teardrop tattoo.

My awesome friend Violet  and her equally awesome family came into town last week.

Violet and I both took a ton of pictures, but since I suck, all these pictures are from Violet's camera. I Photo shopped them. Check out Violet's photography blog here.

This shoot was perfect for 3 year old Sammy.
He is sick of Violet and her camera, so his hard knock gangsta attitude is authentic:

4 year old Benjamin busted out his "I'm gonna murder your family" face:

Ryan brought out his inner wussy with a tender flower picking moment:

He quickly redeemed himself with this prison-worthy shot:

Then wussed it up again by gleefully skipping down a nature trail:

Oh Pee-Baby, your slicked back hair and face tattoo make me want bust a cap.

Peace homies.

P.S. I know a little boy named Cutter that would NAIL this photo shoot.

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  1. these are so cute! you should frame it next to the gangsta photos we took in my office bathroom....


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