Birth Mark

I have a poop stain on my upper left arm.
At least that's what my brother always told me as a kid.

He also told me if I cry too much my eyes would dry up like raisins. I was too young to question his credibility.

My grandma, Deenie-wienie-chili-beanie, has the same one.

I have had a long-standing grudge against my birth mark. It's shaped like a sad potato. How would you like to grow up with buck teeth and a potato stamp on your arm?

As a pre-teen, or tween if you will, I was so pissed at my potato that I tried to burn it off with a curling iron........ twice.

Each time it reappeared. I was so ashamed.

Since then I have finally made peace with my birth mark. As an adult, I embrace my numerous flaws (small boobs, long fingers, annoying laugh, etc.) and wear them proudly.

I am thinking about giving my birthmark a private photo shoot. I could totally frame it then hang it on the wall.


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  1. Now I know why I love you so much. I love potatoes....


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