Post Labor Pictures to Help Christie Feel Better

One of my favorite friends just had her first baby.
Christie will probably be an awesome mom. Not as awesome as me, but awesome nonetheless.

She posted her birth story on HER BLOG.
She claims she looks bad in these pictures:

Yeah Christie, you are soooooo nasty. 

I can't believe I am going to post these pictures. I swore I never would, but I like Christie a lot. So in an effort to make her feel better about her hospital pics I will sacrifice mine.

Take a deep breath.

I am clearly pissed off in this pic. 

 Look how nasty Cryin Ryan looks. Sick. Let's not even mention how inappropriate I look.
This picture was taken while I was hemorrhaging, and about to be taken off to emergency surgery on my chotch.
Christie's baby looks angelic in her pictures. Ryan looked like a science experiment. 

Let's see if it looks better photoshopped:


Afterwards I felt like I got hit by a semi truck. I don't know why Jared kept taking pictures..... oh wait, yes I do. 

 I was surprised my feet didn't get stretchmarks.

I hope you feel better Christie because I don't.

P.S. I don't need everyone's pity comments telling me I look fine. I know how gross I was, and I accept it. Have a nice day.


  1. I can totally top your after labor photos! But you'd have to pay me a million dollars to post them on my blog! My father in law tried photo shopping them because I looked so bad and instead he made me look like a transvestite. Scary. BTW: nobody asked him to photo shop the photos....

  2. We never thought to bring a camera to the hospital so I have no idea how bad I looked. I'm sure it was really bad. I was crying harder than the baby!


  3. You would look ok if photoshop could get rid of your freckles...maybe you should have married dermy....

  4. I for one didn't want you to have as hard a time as you did (and poor Ryan too) but it did make my coming out there sweeter. :) it was nice to feel needed as a mom again. I love you sweetie. And congratulations Christy.

  5. Lisa's and Jane's comments--Ohhhhh wow. :) "No one asked him to photoshop them" and "I was crying harder than the baby" keep making me laugh. Congrats to your friend! Your own baby is darling too, even if you like the cat more. ;)

    Thank you for your comment on my Easter cards a couple weeks ago. All but two cards arrived late this year, so I had to go with the "It's the thought that counts" perspective. :)

    'Happy to meet you, and I'll be following along now.


    Val ♥

  6. I love seeing labor pics. But I didn't let anyone take pictures of me when I was in labor. LOL!



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