Hunger Games-aholic

I am obsessed with nonfiction and read  5-6 books a month.
The only fiction I have read in the past 8 years is by Kurt Vonnegut.

I stopped reading Young Adult fiction once I grew pubes.
Plus, I am WAY too cool to read all the trendy bestsellers like Twilight and Harry Potter.

When I bougth my Microsoft tablet, I came across a free copy of The Hunger Games. I was so stoked about the tablet and wanted to use it all the time and I love free stuff so I started reading it

I read all three books in 4 days. Then I watched the movie twice.
I am seriously about ready to pee my pants (again) out of excitement for the next movie to come out in November.

When Catching Fire is released, I am going to wait in line for 6 hours dressed as Katniss. 

I bet Jennifer Lawrence is a good kisser.

I hereby retract any negative statements I made about people who read Hunger Games. I will no longer make fun of Hunger Games fanatics, as I am now part of the club.

My name is Emily and I am a Hunger Games-aholic.

Turns out I'm not too cool for teenager books.


  1. Ahhhh. :) welcome to the fanatics club! Harry potter is just as good, and so is twilight. And if you like free, try anything written by Jane Austin. I would recommend pride and prejudice, Manchester park, or Emma. That should keep you busy for a week or two. Love you!

  2. I was a little hesitant at first too, but they are good books! And the movie is one of my favorites. Just curious, cause I really enjoy nonfiction books too, what are some good ones you've read recently? I'm always looking for recommendations :)

  3. I have thought a lot about reading these books, or at least consider it once in awhile. The same for Harry Potter and the Twilight series. I eat up books and have a ton waiting in my Nook library. I know I'm probably missing something good but I just need 25+ hours in a day!

    Happy Weekend!



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