Frank 2.0

After 5 months of being a stay at home mom, I decided I can't hack it. People weren't messing around when they said it was the hardest job ever.

So I got my old job at the Boys and Girls Club back.

I'm only working around 10 hours a week and can come in whenever I want. With Jared's new work schedule, he is home a few weekdays so he can watch Cryin Ryan for the few hours I'm gone.

I can also bring Baby with me if I feel like it. I actually brought him with me the past two days and Cryin Ryan was a little angel. I wish I knew that all Pee-baby needed was constant attention from a swarm of 2nd grade girls and a 19 year-old staff member named LaShawn.

On my first day back I walk into the cafeteria and was mobbed by all the germy little gremlins.

My favorite little boy,
Frank poked his over-sized head up out of the masses.

Frankie Poo:
Did you have your baby?

Miss Emily
: Yes.

FP: Did the doctor cut it out of your stomach?


AAAWWWWW! It came out the nasty way?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Yes Frank, I had my baby the nasty way.

Frank scraped his tongue with his fingernails to get the bad taste out of his mouth.

I smiled.



  1. The hours sound awesome! I wish I could find something like that!

  2. I cannot live without these stories!!! Please keep them coming. You are effin hilarious!


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