Eating Waffles in Your Socks

Lets take a moment to reflect on how cute Cryin Ryan is. 

Before I had a kid everyone always told me how much work they are. They said I would never have time for myself and my life would be constantly stressful. 

No one every mentioned the fact that babies are probably the best things ever. EVER. 
Even when he jacks up everything I own, I still really like him. 

When he sneaks into my candy drawer wearing a tuxedo t-shirt and gym shorts,
 I still love him.

Eating waffles in his socks? I adore him.

When he ruins my $17 Lancome lipstick, you guessed it, I still think he's awesome. 

Pouring milk all over the keyboard? I am so lucky. 

Draws all over himself? Still my favorite.

The only thing that sucks about babies is that you have to deal with their poo.
Other than that they are so amazing, funny, and sweet. 

If you don't have one, you should totally make one or borrow someone else's baby. 

Babies make everything better.



  1. I am hoping this is sincere instead of totally sarcastic, because all of that crap looks terrible.

    PS, you look hot in your new facebook pic. I hate that you live in CA, please come live with me.

  2. hahahahahaha
    Mother of the F-ing YEAR
    Thank you for posting a PG rated entry
    The last pic is my favvvvvv


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