Zzyzx Road

Fine. I'll admit it. Even though in my previous post I claimed that I HATE poop.... It is actually one of my favorite topics. I hate tangible feces but I talk about it 50 times a day. 

Hence the following story.

On my way to Vegas at the end of August, we drove past the notorious Zzyzx Road.

Jared was so kind to remind me of my past relationship with this notorious landmark.
Zzyzx Road is passed by everyone driving  from Southern California through Las Vegas.  

When I was  5-6 months pregnant we went on a family trip to Vegas.
My uterus and bowels were at war my entire 40 weeks of being knocked up. I was either terribly constipated or pooping/peeing every 5 minutes.
Lucky for me, I was on a diarrhea binge during our 4 hour drive home.

Lets just get to the point. 

I totally took a pee/poo right off Zzyzx Road. 

There are no rest stops for miles. I had no other choice. So I popped a squat in my elastic banded pregnancy jeans and took care of business. 

There are only like 25-30 times in my entire life that I have been more ashamed of myself.

Now Jear-Bear lovingly reminds me what a foul human being I am every time we drive past this poop-littered landmark.

Man, I hated being pregnant. 


  1. I think I have been with you with a few of those 25-30 other times you were ashamed occurred....

    Please don't come so close to me as Vegas without inviting me to come see you.....

  2. Well that was my favorite sign......not so much anymore!


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