Mullet Skirt

In my early 20's, I like to think I dressed pretty cute.
All my friends always looked amazingly hot, so I just copied them.

We would shop at Express, The Limited, American Eagle, Fossil, Lucky Jeans and other "too cool" chain stores.

I specifically remember making a vow to my 22 year old self:

Whatever you do, don't dress like a mom.

I'm pretty serious about this. So When I found myself looking through Express and American Eagle the other day I was surprised to find that all their clothes looked pretty trendy. Not the good trendy, but the tacky kind of trendy. 

 I had this exact Jacket in the 1st grade.

A poncho?

I am not nearly cool enough to wear a mullet skirt.

Have I really grown out of my teenage stores I loved? 

I ended up buying a few things Gap, J. Crew and Ann Taylor Loft. 
That's right. ANN. TAYLOR. LOFT.

What am I? 45? Clearly, I am well on my way to breaking my vow of never dressing like a mom. I might as well start shopping at Coldwater Creek.

My only solace is that I am still obsessed with Fossil.  I live 10 minutes away from their factory outlet store. 

Thank you Fossil for your reasonably priced leather goods.

I am going to go cry in  my corner and mourn my youth.


  1. Dude, the style these days is disgusting. I know exactly how you feel. I feel like a mom at 22. But it's better to shop at mom stores and be classy than to shop at young womens' stores and be trashy. Because really... leopard print leggings and sweat shirts with sequins? That's trashy.

  2. Just another example of how hipsters ruin everything...

  3. HEY! I love Coldwater Creek! Layoff woman! :)
    ...love, mom


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