Black Friday

Apparently the best way to spend Black Friday is by coloring yourself black.

 I knew I should of locked him in his cage before I got in the shower this morning.
Why didn't anyone tell me the "Terrible Twos" actually start at 1 1/2?


  1. Terrible twos start at 1 1/2. .... watch out for 3, 9(for boys/10 for girls), 15, 18 and 21. Hopefully by then they are married and then its the spouses problem. :-)

  2. Oh! And 5. This is because of kindergarten when they start copying everyone elses bad behavior that they themselves didnt come up with before the start of school. They only keep the behaviors that get rhe most (negative) attention. They are preparing for 15.

  3. You can't blame him for wanting to be black...


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