Pee Baby's Girlfriend

 OH. MY. GOSH. How cute is this little girl?

Her name is as cute as she is.... Finley. She is the cutest baby girl I know. 

Pee-Baby totally has a crush on her. He likes older women (Finley is 1 month older).

We went trick-or-treating with them on Halloween.

Finley learned pretty quick that if she held out her hand a lot, each house would give her more candy. She is already using her looks to get ahead in life. Good for her.

 Her mom, Kelly, is really hot and so is her Grandma so I'm sure that's where she learned it.

 Jared has a penchant for wearing costumes that show off his balls.

If Kelly looks like she was grabbing my butt, it's because she probably was.
 Finley said "Cheese" for this picture while Cryin' Ryan is easily distracted. 

Plus the only word Ryan knows is "dog". He better step up his game if he wants to be Finley's boyfriend.


  1. Your Halloween costume has like 23xs more fabric than the last one I saw you in.....


    Can you please get a cup for your ballsy husband??? Or tattoo sex offender on HIS forehead????

    I love you so much


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