Thanksgiving Conversation Starters 2012

Here are a few of my Thanksgiving Conversation Starters to spice up your Thanksgiving Dinner. Enjoy!

Do you know what a brown starfish is? Elaborate.
Have others at the table speculate about what sideshow act you would be at the circus.
What was the worst part of puberty?
How often do you think the person sitting on your right takes a shower?
Do you know what a Dirty Sanchez is? Elaborate.
What would your Super Hero name be? What would be your Super Power?
Discuss how much you adore the person sitting on the left of you and all the character flaws of the person sitting on your right.
If you had to change someones pants in the room, who would it be? (This question is especially relevant considering there is more than one person with incontinence problems.)
Who, sitting at this table, is most likely to get arrested? For what?
If you had to fight someone in this room, who would it be? Why? Who would win?
Do you know what giblets are? Elaborate. 
If you were a fugitive and couldn't live in the United States, what country would you live in and what would you do for a living?
What sea creature does the person on your left smell like?


Dear Person Reading This takes no responsibility for arguments and family rifts that may result by asking the above questions. Use at your own risk.

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  1. I signed up a client yesterday and his company name is "Chocolate Starfish" and I giggled the whole time....


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